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TYR Lightweight Assault System - LWAS

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LWAS™ Lightweight Assault System is a State-of-the-art spear-cut body armor system that uses soft armor technology with advanced design features to create a lightweight configurable, body armor system.  The LWAS™ was designed utilizing TYR’s new extremely lightweight PV500 material in key areas (7-10 times the abrasion resistance of normal 500d Cordura). The utilization of PV500 not only reduces weight dramatically when compared to other body armor it was engineered for both long term load carriage and as a low profile body armor system.

LWAS™ Features:

  1. Fits standard SAPI and ESAPI Plates
  2. Adjustable Shoulders with a set of Padded Comfort Shoulder Pads
  3. Releasable or Fixed Style Carrier
  4. FR Rated Spacer Mesh with raised comfort pads to assist in load carriage and ballistic stability of the system itself
  5. Side Buckle Kit (still allows releasable cable to function)
  6. Exterior Cummerbund is designed as an exoskeleton platform allowing for an extremely low profile fit even with pals/molle adapters added on.
  7. Comes standard with a 2 column (qty.1 set) and 4 column (qty.1 set) pals adapters (adapters have spacer mesh on the body side to create less friction and increase load carriage stability and comfort)

Optional Accessories:

  • 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 Column Pals/Molle Adapters
  • Ballistic Groin
  • Ballistic Lower Abdomen Protector
  • Ballistic Lower Back
  • Ballistic Trapezius
  • Ballistic Bicep/ Deltoid Upper Arm Protection
  • Ballistic MSAP Deltoid Soft Armor Kit (accepts 6”x6” Plates)
  • Trapezius, Collar, Yoke and Throat Ballistic System
  • Carry/Deployment Bag