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Pistole Oat Plum Schnapps

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Schnapps Pistole Hazelnut

The oat plum is also said to be a good mood schnapps. Well, after one or the other vial we can only confirm that. The oat plum is a very wild fruit. It is a wild plum species that grows on the edge of the Black Forest. Her nickname oats, she owes the fact that it ripens at the time of oat harvest. Since the plum has hardly any pulp, the core content of this plum brandy is correspondingly high. This makes the oat plum a schnapps with character.

Alcohol content: 42% vol.
Content: 500 ml
Type of packaging: glass bottle

Responsible manufacturer: Pistole Hardcore-Food GmbH, Esslinger Heide 10, 49635 Badbergen- Germany