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First Aid

In life and death encounters there is no place for compromise. This is in particular true when it comes to rendering first aid in an emergeny situation, no matter if this is in military conflict, police operation or in day to day life. Wether you are an armed professional, a hunter or a sportshooter, you need to have the ability and the means to stop life threatening bleeding from severe trauma fast and secure.
We offer two Individual First Aid Kits (IFAK) that will give you the means to do just that. The lightweight, versatile and battle-proven TYR Tactical Medical pouches are equiped with the most functional and highest quality medical products on the market today. All medical products we offer are CE certified in Germany.

Further information and instructions in the use of our medical products can be found in the Download section. Please understand that the information contained therin can only augment qualified first-aid training and can not replace it.
We strongly advise all users of our medical products to get professional emergeny training and will not assume any responsibilty for the misuse of our medical products.


Protect yourself and help others!